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Lightwater Video Testimonial: Surry County Schools

Lightwater Video Testimonial: Surry County Schools

In 2014 we started working with the Surry County School System. At first the school system was only interested in doing a video to build esteem and enthusiasm among their teachers, facility, parents, and students. Sonia was concerned about the image of the school system and wanted to make sure that no one would ever think of the public school system as a secondary education when compared to private schools. The video went viral throughout Surry County that year with something like 3,000 views on Youtube and several thousand more on Facebook.

Despite the success, very year in Surry County has to be better than the last and 2015’s video for Surry County Schools needed to be better than 2014’s. Sonia approached me with this proposal. She wanted to do a video highlighting one of the students who would be a high school senior in the 2015-2016 school year. This student, named Rebecca, was featured in a video highlighting the school system done by a different video production company in 2002.  The primary purpose of the video was to celebrate the schools system and show everything that Rebecca had taken advantage of in hopes that students and parents will be inspired to fully participate in everything that their school system has to offer them. Sonia handed me Rebecca’s resume and I developed a script and ideas for specific shots from there. The rest is history.

We also did another video in 2015 highlighting a new Mobile Studio donated to the school system by Surry TV. Both videos got great reception from thousands of people in Surry County and Sonia later entered both videos in a contest held by the North Carolina School Public Relations Association. Both videos won Gold Metals and the 2015 “Best time of our lives” video even won the “Best of the Best” award. Below are notes copied and pasted from the judges:

Surry County Schools (2 awards)


Electronic Media – The Best Times of Our Lives

Electronic Media – Surry County Schools and Surry TV (Judge’s comment: Great job showcasing this new tool for students. Very nice, high-quality video!”)

2. Electronic Media:

Surry County Schools – “The Best Times of Our Lives”

100 out of 100 points

Judge’s comment: “Unbelievably awesome! Great planning, dynamic presentation, outstanding flow. Run out of words for how great this is! Really tugs at your good emotions. Wow… No questions asked – best video from a school we have seen.”


We are currently working on a large project to inform parents about the benefits offered at Surry County’s Meadowview Magnet Middle School.

If you are interested in working with us, give us your ideas! We would love to know how we can improve your business’s image and help in any way we can!

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