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The Best Wedding Videos have crisp sound, clear and beautiful images, and multiple camera angles to capture all of the timeless moments from many perspectives.

We believe in providing each of our customers with the best quality we can, whether you are booking with our Bronze Package or hiring our team to do all we can and deliver our Platinum Package.

We pride our selves in being the ninja’s of our industry. We like to remain semi invisible during your wedding day in order to capture the most intimate moments between the bride, groom, family and guests without them ever knowing until they see our product. We try to stay out of the way of the still photographers and avoid making anyone feel uncomfortable and as if they are on Reality TV.

We love getting reviews from our previous customers and rely on them for our future business.

Our main goal is for happy customers.

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Behind The Scenes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you meet with me for a consultation about your services?

Of course, we would be happy to meet with any customer who would like to have a consultation with us about our services and what we offer. We prefer that you travel to Winston-Salem, but we will also offer to meet with you half way so long as you are not more that 70 miles outside of Winston-Salem. We can also schedule phone, Skype or Google Hangout conversations.

How long does the video editing process usually take?

3 months is the average time to edit and complete your video. Timing is an estimate and depends on the flow of the wedding season.

What time do you arrive for each wedding?

We arrive as early as necessary for our Gold and Platinum Packages and 2 hours before the ceremony for all other packages.

How long do you stay at the wedding reception?

We will stay until the bride and groom exit the reception or until the end of the reception for all wedding packages.

When is the final payment due?

The final balance is due the day of the wedding or before the day of the wedding. Payment after the wedding will still be accepted however the DVDs will not be shipped until the final balance is received. In addition the editing will not be placed at a priority until the final balance is received.

How do you accept payment?

We prefer to be paid by a check. Our customers can pay via a credit card for the deposit but not for the remaining balance.

Can we pick out the music for the wedding trailers ourself or is it selected for us?

We like to surprise the bride and groom with a music selection. If you have a strong preference, you may choose the music for the wedding trailer(s). In the past, the brides and grooms have been very happy with the music selections we have made. We host the trailer online for review before sending the DVDs or Blu-Rays.

What are some examples of special requests that we might ask for in the special requests section of the contract?

In this section you may specify a music selection if you have a particular selection in mind. You may request people who you would like to make sure that we interview. You may request that we include shots of a loved family member, such as a newborn, or any other loved family members, friends, items, or events.

What is the interview process like?

We sometimes call it an interview process, however, it is really a special message given to the bride and groom from their friends and family. If you have requested names of people to ensure that we interview, we will try our best to get them to give a special message. We conduct the interviews at the reception and we have the DJ make an announcement to let the guests know that they can give a message if they would like. If there is one available, we will have a special room where guests can come in and give a special message.

How do you record audio during the ceremony?

During the ceremony, we use two wireless microphones. One is placed on the pastor, and the other wireless microphone is placed on the groom. Both mics are tested for interference with the sound system of the church or DJ’s equipment prior to the ceremony.

How do you record audio during the reception?

We have a portable audio recorder that we plug into the DJ’s mixer board to record the audio that is being output by the DJ’s system.

How do you protect yourself against card failures?

We use multiple memory cards during a wedding day. We always record with multiple cameras and audio equipment even for our bronze package, we will always have a camera rolling for backup during a main event like the ceremony or first dance. Because we are recording with multiple cameras during the ceremony and reception, if one memory card fails, the other will likely not. We also separate the microphones so that we never have two primary sources plugged into the same recording source. This ensures that if one recorder fails the other will still record good audio.

How do you protect yourself against hard drive failures?

Hard drives are known to fail over time and we backup our data on two separate drives. One is even kept at a remote location so that the media is protected even in the unlikely event that our office burns to the ground.

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